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3 Easy Swaps for Plastic Free July

plastic free July

This plastic free July, we thought we'd share with you some ways that we're reducing single-use plastic in our packaging, as well as three easy switches that you can make this month to reduce your own plastic waste.

We're committed to reducing the single-use plastic in our packaging as much as possible. For us, this means shipping our bags in cardboard boxes, wrapping our products in tissue paper instead of plastic covering, and using recyclable stickers. We've also made the switch from plastic tape to water-activated paper tape!

Here are three easy switches you can make this month to reduce single-use plastic in your daily routine:

1. Say goodbye to gladwrap + sandwich bags

Instead of reaching for the gladwrap or plastic sandwich bag next time you need to store leftovers or pack a snack, switch it out for a reusable container or beeswax food wraps. Kill two birds with one stone and re-use an empty glass jar instead of buying new. Or why not organise a crafternoon with some friends to make some DIY beeswax wraps

plastic free July - food wrap

2. Give plastic bags the boot

Okay, so a few years ago here in Aus we made the switch to reusable green bags in supermarkets (which was great!) but do you still find yourself reaching for a plastic bag in the fresh fruit + veg aisle? Bring along your own reusable produce bags (we like these ones - or if you're crafty, why not make some yourself?) or even just pop your produce loose in your trolley.

plastic free July - reusable produce bags

3. Switch it up in the bathroom

Ditch the plastic toothpaste tube for the new cool kid on the tooth-brushing block - toothpaste tablets! Reinventing the toothpaste game, toothpaste tablets are easy to use - simply pop one in your mouth, chew it up, and brush away as normal. We love that these ones come in a glass jar with refills available to purchase. Winning!

plastic free July - toothpaste tablets

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