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Behind the Lens with Amanda Campeanu

Amanda Campaneau, Brisbane Product Photographer

Welcome to the first instalment of our new blog series, Behind the Lens, where we ask photographers 10 questions to get up and personal with them and their photography (you might even learn a tip or two).

Kicking off the series is an interview with Amanda Campeanu, a kick-ass product photographer from Brisbane. Amanda's work is bright, colourful, and crisp. Her photography has been a huge inspiration to Tara's own photography, and she even did Amanda's course Become a Brand Photographer (highly recommend if you are thinking of getting into product photography!).

Check out some of Amanda's work on instagram before settling in with a cup of tea and diving into the interview below.

How did you get into photography?

I was made redundant in 2017 and had an online career and finance blog to which I took all the photos and found my love for photography!

How would you describe your photography style?

Minimal, intentional, bright.

Amanda Campaneau, Brisbane Product Photographer

What camera do you have?

Canon R5.

What's your fave lens (& why)?

I love the Canon 100m as it's just such a quality lens. But I also love my 24-70m for versatility.

What (or where) do you draw inspiration from?

The brand, when I'm out and about, from other creators, light, everything I can think of!
Amanda Campaneau, Brisbane Product Photographer

Fave photographer to follow?

I don't really have a favourite photographer actually. I admire a lot of people's work for different reasons.

Favourite photo you've taken (& why)?

This is like asking me to choose a favourite child haha. I don't have a top favourite. But I do really love this water shot for Avene I took. I love the look of water ripples and the blue just looks so nice.

Amanda Campaneau, Brisbane Product Photographer - Avene Skincare

In your opinion, what makes a good photo?

Lighting and Photoshop. That combined helps to make for a great quality photo.

What's in your camera bag? Any essential items?

Literally my camera and lens haha. I'm super minimal. I'll carry extra batteries but that's it. Less is more.

Any tips for beginner photographers?

Invest in your education. Learning from others will drastically help you to get where you want to be faster. Good quality work gets noticed so it's important to constantly be improving your skills and creating the work you want to be hired for.

Where to find Amanda:

If you have any suggestions on who to interview next, send us a message!

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