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Love the quality and size. Perfect for work days with multiple storage compartments and a safe place for my camera 🫶🏽

Stylish, fits what you need without overloading yourself

I am loving my Archy. It's got the space to pack in what you need for a family photoshoot, branding shoot, and I have been using it as my "what I need now" pack at weddings as well along with a rolling bag to save my back. The caddy inside is fantastic, super padded and easy to pull in and out for reloading and switching up the kit. The convertible strap is game-changing! Makes it so much easier to grab out what you need. But then keeps the bag in a comfortable carry as a backpack when you are done - no cross-body sore shoulders. It fits a mirrorless kit, light events kit and I managed to tote my gripped DSLR in there too, so it's a flexible bag. If you travel with your kit and need a bag that will work for different situations (and can be "just a bag" without the camera caddy too), then Archy has you covered.

Archy bag!

So incredibly happy with my Archy bag! I'm absolutely in love with it! It's so practical and stunning and the customer service is so kind and caring couldn't be happier, and I couldn't recommend this bag more! x

SD Card holder

Awesome and handy little product! Would definitely recommend as it's really helpful keeping my SD cards organized and in one place plus it's super cute! x

Beautiful Bag

Love my new bag! I wish it was a little larger though, as I really can't fit much in it.

Archy Modular Camera Backpack (Tan)
Christina B.
Functional and Fabulous

When I upgraded my camera gear, I knew I needed a bag worthy of my new kit. When I saw the Archy backpack I immediately fell in love. I wasn’t at all surprised to see it was sold out. However, by luck (or fate) they found one last one in the warehouse and I was able to snatch it. This bag fits my Mark IV, two portrait lenses, my flash AND my big boy telephoto lens… all while looking super stylish and modern. Love, love, love!
It also shipped super fast to Canada, meaning I didn’t have to wait long after purchasing to see it in the flesh.

Beautiful Bag

This bag is stunning and stylish especially after only having typical camera bags previously. Love how it fits everything I need for my typical day out photographing and everything is so easy to access in the bag too!

Great bag

Very versatile for every day use with photography. MORE IMPORTANTLY - it’s stylish unlike all the other photography bags.

Archy Backpack

My second purchase as can fit in my second lense on dslr camera a lot easier. Love it. Wish I had it a while ago. Recommend.

Bobbi for the win

I have now got both the Tildy and the Bobbi and the Bobbi is perfect for my sessions where I’m using one camera. Has everything I need!! Passes as a stylish handbag as well. Love it!!

Stylish and functional! Everything I need in a camera bag!

I had been looking for a camera backpack that was both sleek and stylish and didn't look like the typical hardcore gear backpack. The Tildy is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I love how it has the tripod storage pouch on the side, and the side-open zipper for quick access to my camera on the go without having to set everything down! I also love how it has a separate pouch in the back for my laptop and notebooks, as well as two additional front pockets with tons of organizational inner pockets.
The cherry on top is the sleeve to fit this backpack on top of your luggage handle when you travel!
I love this bag!!


This bag is perfect for my business needs
It has the perfect amount of space for all my camera equipment and the way I can organise it to suit my needs is amazing

Cannot recommend enough !!

Stunning & functional!

I recently bought the Bobbi bag and I’m absolutely in love with it! Initially I loved its look, but the functionality of it as well is so well thought through. Highly recommend!

So happy

Great organiser, perfect size, fits everything I need it to. Perfectly complements my Archy backpack!


Purchased the Archy Backpack. Taz + Tez thank you! Just right for all my camera gear and such a stylish all round bag to take on our epic overseas adventure in a few months!

Archy Backpack

Omg, I have searched for years for the perfect bag, I now own way too many camera bags. But this one has to be hands down the best. The fact that it feels amazingly soft, looks gorgeous and super stylish, Has room for everything, including non camera related items, even has the option to be used as a normal bag if you don't want to take your camera. ( but hey, who doesn't want their camera with them lol)
Heading overseas in 2mths and I can not wait to have this bag with me.

The perfect travel backpack!

The Tildy Backpack is everything I have been searching for and more for my travels! It fits and protects my underwater photography gear perfectly. I cannot wait to take this beauty travelling this year. Even Harley approves 😊

Finally a Ladies Camera Bag makes it to the UK

My parents ordered me this bag for Christmas after I had spent months looking for a smart ladies camera bag, which no where in the UK seems to sell! They thought the customer service they received for international shipping was excellent and their were no hidden costs on arrival in the UK. The bag is excellent for my Canon plus additional lens and can fit second additional lens if they are small lenses like my wide angle. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thanks Taz and Tez for a great product I thought I was never going to be able to get in the UK!

This bag is AMAZING 😍

Okay yall! This bag though! It’s absolutely amazing! I’ve owned 8 bags in my life and none had everything I wanted until this bag! First of all the quality is amazing. The look is perfect and actually looked small and when I loaded all my gear ( 2 camera bodies, 2 lenses, flash + accessories, laptop, iPad, tripod) like seriously I was blown away. This has really changed the game for me. So many amazing little pockets. I feel like an organized queen 🤣❤️ forever obsessed with you all!


this is probably the 7th camera bag i have purchased in the past 3 years and the ONLY one i will be using for the rest of time. it is BEAUTIFUL. so well designed, feels like such high quality. the amount of pockets and space is amazing, i’ve never found a bag with this much thoughtful storage! it feels so sturdy, holds all of my gear, my ipad, AND my laptop pro (i’ve never found a bag that fit that). i could not be happier with this bag 💗

Cutest camera bag ever!!!

I searched for a fashionable camera bag for months. I ordered this bag straight away when I first saw it. Love it so much!

Comfortable and practical

My tildy camera bag is unreal! It’s so comfortable to wear and has everything I need for all my gear. Looks stylish, I can’t wait to buy the smaller bag for when I don’t need both cameras. Love love love it

Camera bag

Love it - so good steez

Great case

This is an excellent case and holds all my cables, chargers and whatever for my phone, camera and iPad.
I have just used mine on a cruise and I. Old find everything I needed easily instead of in grip lock plastic bags.
Just purchased another one for my husband.

Very Happy with Service

Fast processing of order and delivered a few days later. The product was as described and well packed. Couldn't be happier. Thank you