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Behind the Lens with Lisa Knight (@lisainjapan)

Lisa Knight (@lisainjapan)

This month we are so excited to be chatting to the incredibly talented Lisa Knight (@lisainjapan).

Lisa, a fellow Aussie, resides in Japan and captures the most gorgeous, stunning scenes through the lens of her camera. She see the world in the most amazing way and it is our pleasure to get a peak into her world through her photos. It also makes us really want to visit Japan!

As always, we recommend checking out Lisa's instagram to get a feel for her beautiful work (and chuck her a follow whilst you're there!) before diving into the interview below.

How did you get into photography?

When I was 26 I had finished my final year of intensive study to be admitted as a lawyer in Australia. At the same time I was working in finance, excited that I had finished my studies but feeling incredibly burnt out. To manage my stress, I started to take pictures on an old camera I had bought on a whim eight years earlier but never bothered to learn. Somehow it felt simultaneously relaxing and exciting to be behind the camera, and I found myself waking up early every morning to catch the colours of the Melbourne sunrises.

Slowly but surely I began to take photos more often, doing it purely for the joy of it. In 2018 I moved to Japan and I didn’t know many people. I was anxious to leave the house by myself, so I would take my camera along when I visited new places (and to feel less lonely and awkward when I was by myself!) Eventually, photography became my ikigai and I can’t imagine life without it.

Photo by Lisa Knight

How would you describe your photography style?

It’s pretty tricky to describe your photography style because it’s quite intuitive and subjective (and sometimes we can’t see our style objectively), but I’ve been told that my photography is immersive and ambient, and I really like that description! I think that I see the world as smaller details that make up a greater whole, so I really enjoy sharing those small and quiet moments that have a feeling of magic and romance about them.

What camera do you have?

I shoot on a Nikon Z6 as well as a Nikon FA film camera.

What's your fave lens (& why)?

For client work, the 24-70mm f2.8 can’t be beaten. It’s a very high quality and versatile lens that can be used in all sorts of situations. However, my heart loves my 85mm f1.8 for its gorgeous softness.

What (or where) do you draw inspiration from?

This is a great question. At first I typed out all of the things I’m inspired by, but when I read it back I realised that all of them can be traced back to three things: colour, light and stories. I think that I’m intuitively always looking for these three things even when I don’t have my camera. I think that I am always searching for beautiful and intriguing things and I’ve been like this ever since I was a kid.
Behind the Lens with Lisa Knight

Fave photographer to follow?

My favourite photographer is Estelle Pizer (@estellepizer). Her work is so elegant and she is so intensely passionate about photography and sharing the beauty and stories behind the image. She’s an inspiration!

Favourite photo you've taken (& why)?

This is a really hard question! There are many that I’m proud of, but my favourite is probably this one taken in Kyoto in 2020 in Eikando Zenrinji. It feels like a scene out of a fairytale! After I took this photo I stood there for five minutes trying to burn the memory of the scene into my brain.

Behind the Lens with Lisa Knight

In your opinion, what makes a good photo?

To me, I love photos that express how a photographer sees and interprets the world. I am fascinated with how people can see the same thing differently, so being shown a new perspective is really inspiring. I also love it when photographers combine light, symmetry and colour into wonderful coincidences and symmetry in street photography.

What's in your camera bag? Any essential items?

In my camera bag is my Nikon Z6, 24-70mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 40mm f2, a neutral density filter (ND8), a Kenko Black Mist no.05, a polarizing filter, lots of step-up rings, lots of batteries, lots of XQD cards and a packet of snacks in case I get hungry.
Photo by Lisa Knight

Any tips for beginner photographers?

Make as many mistakes as possible, and know that we ALL had those mistakes at some point. I certainly did. The more you practice, the more opportunity you have to make mistakes, and the more opportunity you get to learn from them and grow.

Where to find Lisa:

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