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Behind the Lens with Tanya Mitchell

Interview with Tanya Mitchell (@tanyaamitchell)

This month, we caught up with Tanya Mitchell (@tanyaamitchell) - a gun videographer and photographer based on the Gold Coast.

Tanya's bright, crisp style is inspired by the tourism industry - and it always has us dreaming of balmy days under a palm tree! She also chats all things videography and filmmaking with Jason Morris on their podcast, Just Shoot Me. Make sure to check out her instagram here before diving into the chat below.

How did you get into photography?

I started photography by taking photos of my friend who needed content for a big company she worked with - I was mainly learning videography but photography kind of fell into my lap.

How would you describe your photography style?

Travel, fun, relaxed lifestyle photography or I also have been doing more swimwear lately.
Interview with Tanya Mitchell Photography

What camera do you have?

Canon R6 & Canon R7.

What's your fave lens (& why)?

24-70mm f2.8 - it's a beautiful lens for portrait photography.
Tanya Mitchell Interview

Where (or what) do you draw inspiration from?

Tourism has always inspired me with my work. I mainly follow a-lot of travel creators online so I feel super inspired by them.

Favourite photographer to follow?

Sam Kolder (@samkolder) - He is more of a video creator but I absolutely love his work and he is my biggest inspiration.

Favourite photo you've taken (& why)?

My favourite photos I have taken is with a friend of mine Shay. We shot in the morning for my friends bikini brand and everything about that morning was amazing!

Tanya Mitchell Interview

In your opinion, what makes a good photo?

I think lighting is a massive part in a good photo, you can have the top of the line camera but also just knowing your camera inside and out can help with a good photo. Learn to shoot in manual.

What's in your camera bag? Any essential items?

I have my 2 canon camera, 24-70mm, 16mm, spare batteries & spare SD cards are essential. DJI Mavic air 2, Gopro Hero 9, DJI Rs2 gimbal.

Any tips for beginner photographers?

Just get out and start shooting. The best thing to do is practice and learn. Learn how to shoot in manual to get the best out of your camera and just to reach out to people and see if they want a free shoot - build your name, brand and portfolio.

Where to find Tanya:

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