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Our story

taz + tez is the story of two sisters, Tara (Taz) and Tessa (Tez). Our journey began with a somewhat reluctant relationship with photography, as our father's love for capturing moments often clashed with our desire to avoid being in front of the camera. We have countless memories of us attempting to flee or hide whenever dad aimed his lens at us. "Dad, put that camera away!" and "No more photos!" became the soundtrack of our family holidays. Now looking back, we are so grateful that he persisted and captured so many precious memories.

Gradually, we stopped hating the camera and developed our own passions for photography - Tara as a professional product photographer, and Tessa as a film hobbyist. After searching far and wide for the perfect camera bag, we discovered a significant gap in the market. The available options were either functional but visually unappealing, bulky, and made us stick out like sore thumbs as tourists, or stylish but lacking in proper protection and organization for our valuable camera gear. These limitations often deterred us from carrying our cameras with us, resulting in numerous missed photo op regrets.

So, we embarked on a mission to design a range of camera bags that blended functionality and style seamlessly...

Crafted with intention

With the highest quality materials, functionality, and style at top of mind - our bags are packed full of features we know you'll need (and love).

Our bags

Featuring minimal, sleek exteriors taz + tez bags have been designed as the perfect blend of function and fashion for the style-conscious photographer.

In the face of today’s age of consumerism and fast fashion, it was important for us to create intentionally multi-purpose bags that serve a multitude of functions - having a bag with a single purpose felt wasteful. Our bags have been designed to easily transform from functional camera bag to your go-to everyday bag when leaving the camera at home.

Crafted from cruelty-free, high quality Vegan Leather that is PETA approved, taz + tez bags have been designed with sustainability and longevity in mind.