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Who are Taz + Tez?

Tara and Tessa, founders of taz + tez stylish camera bags

Taz + Tez are sisters Tara and Tessa, who grew up on the sunny Gold Coast with their Mum and photography obsessed Dad. Lucky enough to travel from a young age, their Dad always had his camera at the ready to capture every moment - which Tara and Tessa hated at first, running away from his keen lens at any opportunity.

Now, all grown up, they are both so grateful that they have all of those precious memories captured to look back on, and each found their own path to photography in the end.

a younger Tara and Tessa on a family holiday in Kakadu

Tara is a professional product photographer and owns her own digital marketing & product photography business which she runs alongside taz + tez. Fascinated by vintage cameras at a young age, she started collecting antique cameras from the age of 13 and still has a 14+ strong collection.

Tessa is a landscape architect who enjoys photography on the weekend as a hobby. She loves film photography and one of her cameras is an old film camera that used to belong to their Grandad.

Tara, a budding photographer at age 4

After both searching far and wide for a camera bag that not only suited their style but was functional and protected their expensive (and sentimental) gear, they came up short - nothing was suitable for both needs. The majority of camera bags were bulky, ugly, and mainly designed for men. So, Tara and Tessa set out to design their own and taz + tez was born.

They began the process of designing the bags together in 2020, and two years later, they finalised the designs and were finally able to launch taz + tez mid 2022.

Follow their journey on instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or Facebook.

Tara and Tessa and the first taz + tez conatiner arriving in June 2022Tara and Tessa with the first container of taz + tez in June 2022

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