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Behind the Lens with Rosie Lugg (@rambosphotos)


Interview with Rosie Lugg @rambosphotos. Portrait of a girl with short auburn hair, she is surrounded by yellow tulips hanging from the ceiling

This month we step behind the lens to discover the colourful world of Rosie Lugg (@rambosphotos). Featuring bright pops of colour and creative portraits, Rosie's unique style will leave you in awe and with an ever-growing following on her Instagram and tiktok, Rosie has carved a unique niche for herself in the photography community. 

From her early days of wielding a camera to the evolution of her signature style, Rosie shares with us the pivotal moments that have shaped her as a photographer. Read on to embrace the magic of photography and witness the world come alive through the lens of Rosie Lugg.

How did you get into photography?

It was my lockdown hobby. I always loved taking photos with friends and creating short films and music videos but in lockdown I started really getting into photography properly and fell in love with it. I posted it online and found a whole community of photographers which inspired me to keep going!

How would you describe your photography style?

Creative Portraits - Bright, Creative, Colourful
Interview with Rosie Lugg @rambosphotos. Portrait of a young girl with her eyes clothes, hands in the air. She is draped in a yellow sheet.

What camera do you have?

A canon R6 and a Canon R10 (which I use sometimes when travelling as its smaller!).

What's your fave lens (& why)?

My favourite lens is my Canon 35mm f/1.4 L - Its big and a bit pricey but its so dreamy and incredibly versatile.

Where (or what) do you draw inspiration from?

Anything and everything! I sort of always have my brain switched on looking for inspiration whenever and wherever. Sometimes its the classic instagram and Pinterest and other photographers/artists work but also random things like furniture, clothes, places, settings, colours, music, films, weather! Only yesterday it started raining and I felt inspired to take some self portraits with an umbrella in the rain - odd but fun!
Interview with Rosie Lugg @rambosphotos. A girl in a black dress poses in the rain with a black umbrella. She looks happy.

Favourite photographer to follow?

I have a few! @caoilfhionnrose, @thechaserrphoto, @marinawilliams, @christinascaptures, @justctls.photo, and @xenia.lau are just some of my favourites!

Favourite photo you've taken (& why)?

This is such a tough question! I feel like my answer changes every day so I honestly have no idea. A lot of what makes a photo stand out for me is the memory of taking it so ones that stand out the me are photos I took with my best friend Madie when we recently went to Lisbon. We just set up the interval timer on my camera and we dance on the beach with the last of the sunset. it was a lot of fun and the photos came out really cool!
Interview with Rosie Lugg @rambosphotos. Two girls dance at the beach at sunset.

In your opinion, what makes a good photo?

Good question! A well-told story and a good use of colour and framing, in my opinion! I think the more a person looking at a photo feels, the better the photo is - whatever the feeling is.

What's in your camera bag? Any essential items?

My Canon R6 (or R10 depending on where/what I'm shooting), my canon 35mm f/1.4 L prime lens and my 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens. Often my laptop so I can edit on the go, snacks, fractals, clear mascara (for flyaway hairs), business cards, my godox retro flash, sd cards, spare batteries, my g7x mark ii if I plan on vlogging, my film camera, glitter and pearls (they're in there only because I've never taken them out) and a loofah which sounds strange but it creates a really cool dreamy effect over the lens which is sometimes perfect for the vibe!

Any tips for beginner photographers?

Shoot anything and everything you possibly can!!! And when it comes to editing, don't try and be consistent, experiment as much as you can! The best way to find your style and what you enjoy shooting as well as to get better is to try everything, don't close your mind to anything at the start! Really tune in to what you enjoy, what you might not like so much and have fun with it - take advantage of the fact that there's no pressure or outside expectations when you're just starting out. Do it for you and stay true to it!
Interview with Rosie Lugg @rambosphotos. A girl is half submerged in murky water, surrounded by bright flowers. She looks up at the camera.

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