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Gifts for Photography Lovers

gift guide for photography lovers

Shopping for a photographer or photography lover can sometimes be hard - there's so many options, and often everything is (very) expensive! We've put together a list of 10 gifts for photography lovers that are unique as well as useful - there's even something for the photographer who has everything.

Budget Key:

  • $ - less than $60
  • $$ - between $60 - $200
  • $$$ - $200+

1. Keyboard cover with adobe shortcuts - $

Gift guide for photography lovers - keyboard with adobe shortcuts

Photographers spend a lot of time in front of the computer editing - most of the time, editing takes way longer than the actual shoot, so any way to cut down and save time during this process is a huge win!

A keyboard cover with adobe shortcuts (lightroom, photoshop) is the perfect gift for a photographer. Knowing these shortcuts is bound to save them time in the editing process - plus they're a fun way to customise their keyboard!

They come in a range of colours and sizes, we love this one from amazon.

2. Lens cap holder - $

Gifts for photography lovers - lens cap holder

If there's one thing all photographers can agree on, it's that they're always losing their lens caps. You take it off, put it down to shoot, and BAM! It's gone. That's why this lens cap keeper is sure to be a winning gift for photography lovers (professional and hobbyists alike). No more desperate searching in every nook and cranny for their lens cap - they'll no where it is at all times!

We love this one as the magnetic closure keeps the lens cap secure whilst still being easily accessed with one hand. Plus, it has both a clip and magnetic strap on the back, allowing photographers to keep it where it suits them - whether that's clipped to their bag, strapped to their shoulder strap, or hanging off their belt.

Bonus - it's under $30 and bound to be something they don't have in their kit already! WIN!

3. Small portable speaker - $$

Gifts for photography lovers - mini portable speaker

Keeping the vibes high at a shoot is so important, and there's nothing better than playing some sweet tunes in the background to improve the mood. With limited space in a photographers kit, a small portable speaker is the perfect gift - compact, yet still does the job!

If you're on a budget, this JBL Clip 3 works well but if you're willing to splurge the Bose Soundlink Micro is our pick. A great gift for photographers, if you ask us!

4. Tech/cable organiser case - $

Gifts for photography lovers - tech/cable organiser case

At the bottom of every photographers bag, you're bound to find a tangle of cords, loose SD cards, and maybe even a harddrive (or two). With so much gear, cables, and charges to carry around, it can be hard for photographers to stay organised.

A tech/cable organiser case is the perfect solution. These keep everything organised and all in one spot so they're easy to grab and go. 

This one from taz + tez has a place for everything, with a double row of elastic to keep cables and small items like batteries in place, a long slip pocket for extra neatness, and two large elastic pockets for bulkier items like harddrives.

Heck, forget the photographers, this makes a great gift for everyone!

5. Sensor/camera cleaning kit - $

Gifts for photography lovers - sensor/camera cleaning kit

It's important to keep photography gear clean to get nice, crisp images - which can be hard, especially for outdoor photographers. Cleaning the outside of the camera is simple enough, but a professional sensor clean can cost your photographer friend upwards of $60!

Many photographers don't realise they can do this themselves and it's a relatively easy, quick process. Get them started (and save them a bunch of $$$ on professional cleans) with a sensor cleaning kit. You can get just the sensor cleaning essentials here, or grab them the whole cleaning kit here.

6. Lens filters - $$

Gifts for photography lovers - lens filters

For the artistic photographer, a lens filter is the perfect gift. Lens filters serve a variety of functions - they can help minimize glare and reflections, enhance colors, reduce light coming into the lens, create visual effects and much more. A lens filter can affect the whole vibe of the photo!

Prism Lens Fx offer a huge range of creative lenses - from cine effects, to moody filters, to nostalgic throw back style filters, there are heaps to choose from. One of our faves is the Cine Soft FX Filter - a diffusion filter that gives the images/videos a dreamy, soft glow.

If you want to gift them a set of filters that will really push them into their experimental zone, these fractal filters will add heaps of artistic flair to their shoots with a variety of kaleidoscope-like effects.

7. SD card case - $

Gifts for photography lovers - SD card case

SD cards are an integral part of every photographers kit - and losing an SD card is the stuff of nightmares! Let your photographer friend sleep easy knowing their precious SD cards are safe and protected with an SD card case

This one from taz + tez not only keeps the cards safe, but is also made out of high quality vegan leather for a super sleek, cool look. It comes in a choice of black or tan.

8. Photoshoot with a local photographer - $$$

Gifts for photography lovers - photoshoot with a local photographer

Photographers love to take photos (duh!) but this usually means that they're often not in any photos! For an extra special gift, why not book them in for a session with another local photographer?

Our top pick of gifts for photographers, this is a super thoughtful gift that they're bound to love. Not only do they get a precious keepsake of photos of them and their family to look back on, but they get to have fun being in front of the camera for once, too!

To find local photographers, we recommend searching local hashtags (such as #melbournephotographer for the Melbourne area) on instagram. This will often give you a better variety of photographers than googling 'Melbourne photographer'.

9. SD cards - $

Gifts for photography lovers - SD cards

A photographer can never have too many SD cards! For a very practical gift that they're bound to use, pick them up a few new SD cards for their kit. We recommend either these 64GB cards or these 128GB cards that you can grab either online or in your local photography shop.

Bonus points if you gift them in an SD card case, too!

10. Mini photo printer - $$

Gifts for photography lovers - mini photo printer

If your photographer friend is anything like the rest of us (which we're sure they are) the majority of their photos only exist digitally on their phone or computer. A mini photo printer is the perfect gift to let them print out their images to remember all the good times.

Pair it with a cute photobook/scrapbook for a really creative, meaningful gift.


There you have it - 10 great gift ideas for photography lovers to cover even the hardest to buy for photographer. We hope this list has given you some great inspo for your gifts - if you have any questions about anything listed above, feel free to reach out to us here.

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